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    What do I need, to install a TOTEM?

    These are the main requirements for installing a TOTEM:

    • a connection to the gas distribution network
    • a connection to the customer’s main electrical panel
    • a flue pipe
    • a connection to the heating or hot water system

    You can find further information in the installation manual.

    Can TOTEM be installed by my own technician?

    Yes. A TOTEM is usually installed by a plumber (connection to the heating, hot water and gas systems), with the help of an electrician (for the electricity connection).

    Installing a TOTEM is fairly similar to installing a normal boiler.

    How can a TOTEM be integrated into my existing heating system?

    TOTEM can be connected in parallel with existing heat generators (such as boilers). No modifications to the existing heating and hot water systems are necessary.

    Does TOTEM need a thermal storage tank? If yes, what size?

    Yes. TOTEM needs a thermal storage tank which is used to increase thermal inertia and improve the system’s efficiency. In general, at least 50 L are required for each kW of TOTEM’s thermal power.

    How much space do I need, to install a TOTEM?

    L x D x H: 332 cm x 239 cm x 220 cm (considering distance needed for maintenance).

    Does TOTEM need its own flue pipe?

    Yes. The use of a dedicated flue pipe is required by law. As diameter of the TOTEM pipe is low, it can almost always be passed through an existing pipe or alternatively, as often happens, an unused pipe can be utilised.

    Can I use plastic conduits for the exhaust gases?

    Yes. TOTEM’s exhaust gases reach a maximum temperature of 90° C, so they are suitable for use with PPe and PPh pipes, as for the boiler flue pipes.

    Do I need two gas meters?

    No. The special pricing for gas used in micro-cogenerators is calculated on the basis of the electricity produced by the micro-cogenerator.

    Do I need a new electricity meter?

    Yes, the electricity operator will install a bidirectional meter, which means that any surplus energy can be fed into the grid. In this case, depending on the option you choose, you can sell the energy to the grid or receive a credit on your bill (on-site exchange).

    Can a TOTEM only be installed inside a premises?

    No, a TOTEM can also be installed externally. The only recommendation is that it needs to be protected against direct sunlight by means of a canopy.

    What is the maximum temperature of TOTEM’s intake and return water?

    The intake water temperature is 80°C, the return temperature is always 10°C lower.

    Can multiple TOTEMs be installed in parallel?

    Yes. TOTEM’s operating system is natively designed for parallel operation with other TOTEMs. This increases the available power and thus is suitable for consumers with higher energy requirements.

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