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    How much does a TOTEM cost, and how much will I save?

    The price varies depending on the power. For example, the TOTEM 25 (which produces 25 electrical kW and up to 57 thermal 57kW) costs €39,000 excluding VAT. Depending on how it is used, each TOTEM lets you save up to €25,000 a year.

    Are there incentives or tax breaks for buying a TOTEM?

    Yes, you can choose one of the following options.


    The energy savings achieved with micro-cogenerators are rewarded with White Certificates (also known as “Energy Efficiency Certificates”). For example, a TOTEM 25 operating continuously all year round has the right to 25 White Certificates annually, equating to a total of €6,000 per annum.

    TAX ALLOWANCE (Ecobonus)

    The 2018 Italian Stability Act introduced an option to offset, over 10 years, 65% of the cost of buying and installing a micro-cogenerator as a replacement for an existing system, up to a maximum allowance of €100,000.

    In both cases, a special rate applies to part of the natural gas used to power the micro-cogenerator.

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    Can I pay by instalments?

    Yes. You can pay for your TOTEM in 72 instalments using the leasing and operational hire package. By doing this, the savings will instantly be higher than the cost of the instalment.

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    Does TOTEM pollute the environment?

    TOTEM is the most efficient, lowest emissions micro-cogenerator thanks to the sophisticated stoichiometric fuel control and three-way catalyst.

    TOTEM’s NOx (nitric oxide) emissions are:

    • 25 times lower than the legal limit for boilers in Lombardy, which has some of the strictest regulations in Italy.
    • 9 times lower than the lowest-emissions boilers (class 5)

    NOx emissions represent one of the most dangerous pollutants for health, because they are also the precursors to other harmful substances, principally atmospheric particulate material.

    Can TOTEM, and micro-cogeneration in general, help to reduce atmospheric pollution?

    Yes, if the whole of Italy’s demand for residential heating (apart from single-family homes) was met with micro-cogenerators, there would be:

    • – 30,000 deaths per year due to atmospheric pollution
    • – 7,500 tonnes of fine particulates in the atmosphere each year!

    Unfortunately, Italy has the highest rate of premature deaths due to atmospheric pollution in Europe. According to the European Environment Agency there are almost 80,000 deaths per year. The problem is most serious in cities, where traffic-related emissions add to those from the heating of buildings, which is particularly significant given the age of Italy’s building stock and outdated winter heating systems.

    Thanks to its high efficiency and reduced emissions, micro-cogeneration is one of the most effective ways to reduce the impact of domestic heating on air quality.

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