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    Who carries out maintenance on TOTEM?

    If you choose an ALL-IN contract, our authorised technicians will provide a maintenance service that will keep your TOTEM working efficiently over time.

    What happens if there is an interruption to the mains electricity?

    TOTEM’s operation will be interrupted, as required by law.

    Do I need an Internet connection to control TOTEM remotely?

    Yes, consumers can monitor TOTEM’s performance and settings remotely, using any Internet-enabled device such as a laptop, smartphone, PC or tablet.

    TOTEM has no screen. How do I monitor the settings?

    TOTEM does not have a screen, as it is plug-and-play (you connect it, and it starts working automatically). As with the latest printers, it also has direct access Wi-Fi, which enables your laptop, smartphone, PC or tablet to connect to TOTEM’s Wi-Fi network and access the menu, which shows you the performance and settings.

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