TOTEM, why should you choose it?
Watch the video to find it out

If you are a hotel manager – like the protagonist of the video – or you run a swimming pool, a spa, a retirement home, a condominium or other small and medium businesses, TOTEM micro-cogenerator is the best choice to cut energy costs and noxious emissions. And you can use the money you saved on bills to improve your business, just as the protagonist of the video did.

Maybe knowing how to save money with TOTEM is not enough for you and you may want to find out how a micro-cogenereator works. By means of an animated journey into TOTEM, the video explains the functioning of the micro-cogenerator and of TOTEM Full-Thermal, an innovative system that combines the efficiency of a micro-cogenerator with the high performance of a heat pump.

Power, heating, air cooling, saving and less emissions: all year round, in a single device and video. Enjoy it!

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