many reasons to choose TOTEM


    icon1   rewarding

    Payback period is 3 years

    The extremely low operation costs give very short payback period (around 3 years).


    icon2   high tech

    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Magneti Marelli

    TOTEM is equipped with the latest technologies in automobile sector and with TOTEM OS system for the maximum efficiency.


    icon3   efficient

    Producing heat and power where it is needed

    TOTEM is a multi-fuel micro-cogenerator (it can be fired with natural gas, biogas and biomethane) that ensures an efficiency up to 100%.


    icon4   green

    The best ratio between energy produced and emissions

    NOx emissions (nitrogen oxides) of TOTEM are: 25 times lower than the set limits established for boilers in the region of Lombardia (the most stringent at national level) and 9 times lower than the emissions of boilers in the highest category (class 5).


    icon5   certified

    Certified by TÜV Rheinland

    TOTEM is the first micro-cogenerator whose performances and compliances are measured by Micro-Cogeneration laboratory of Politecnico di Milano and verified by TÜV Rheinland that also certified TOTEM’s compliance with the strickest technical and safety regulations.



    icon6   reliable

    Full service and remote system

    TOTEM gets the highest levels of efficiency by offering customers full service maintenance contracts.


    icon7   quiet

    62 db(A) @1 mt

    TOTEM is quieter than a conversation between two people.


    icon8   modular

    Up to 100 kWe

    TOTEM micro-cogenerators are designed for cascade operation to meet the heat and power user demand.


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