A 2,100 m2 opening for innovation and technology

A new production center was inaugurated on June 12th by asjaGen (from the 21st of September 2015 on, TOTEM ENERGY), in a factory close to Asja headquarter, were the new TANDEM micro-CHP units will be made.

Like TANDEM itself, the new facility has been designed according to maximum efficiency concepts: every activity that will be carried out inside the building, from R&D to production and testing, will have to fulfill very high energy standards. For example, the energy output of the testing stalls, will be totally used for the heating/cooling of the building and to supply energy to equipments and machines of the production plant.

Mr. Franco Dessì, major of Rivoli, Cristina Tumiatti, President of the Group of Young Entrepreneurs of the Turin Industrial Association, and Luca Mercalli, president of the Italian Meteorological Society took part to the opening ceremony.