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  • spunto architects/project designers

    Good project designing includes choosing an efficient and eco-friendly energy system. For that purpose, we can provide consultancy as to which of its reliable, versatile, and efficient systems can best fit your needs.

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  • spunto installation technicians

    Top quality, reliability, long service life, easy maintenance and handling make TOTEM micro-cogenerators an excellent opportunity to improve customer retention, including through our easy and affordable maintenance service program.

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  • spunto heating and sanitary appliances/electrical appliances distributors

    TOTEM micro-cogenerators will definitely reach high volumes thanks to their cost-effectiveness and versatility. Offering your customers a novel, successful product will contribute to retaining your customer base as well as expanding it.
    Micro-cogenerators’ accessories feature attractive sales volumes, too.

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  • spunto gas distributors

    TOTEM micro-cogenerators are an excellent opportunity for gas distributors too: installing such units means increasing methane sales volumes as more gas will be used by your customers to generate electricity in addition to heat, which is a nice opportunity to retain your customers and attract new ones.

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  • spunto ESCo

    Thanks to TOTEM micro-cogenerators’ high efficiency and low maintenance costs, ESCo’s will be offering their customers guaranteed energy savings. Moreover, their compactness and their long service life make them suitable for application in a variety of settings, thus allowing ESCos to offer flexible service contracts.

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  • spunto condo managers

    Cutting bills, providing excellent services and ensuring safety are the key priorities for condo managers. With TOTEM micro-cogenerators they will enable families living in the condo to pay lower electricity bills for the building’s communal areas.

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