At the swimming pool with the TOTEM

Who better than customers to describe the features and advantages of the TOTEM micro-CHP unit?


The team of TOTEM ENERGY visited Andrea  Bena, vice-president of Rari Nantes Pianezza, a historic sports club at the top of the national swimming ranking for more than 100 years.  The TOTEM model  20 has been in fact installed in the “Ines Bonino” swimming pool of Pianezza  to replace 2 old boilers.

In a short video testimony, the vice-president illustrates why he has chosen our product and the expectations in terms of energy savings. In the final part of the video, Alberto Ricchiardi, head of R&D at TOTEM ENERGY, explains  the working of the TOTEM micro-CHP unit in detail, from the internal combustion engine to the remote control system.

The video testimony is available here.