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    What is TOTEM?

    TOTEM is a modern, innovative micro-cogenerator made entirely in Italy. It is an evolution of the world’s first micro-cogenerator, which was developed at the Fiat research centre in 1977.
    At the heart of TOTEM is a methane engine from the Fiat 500, which produces electricity when coupled with a generator. Using an efficient system of exchangers, the heat from the engine and the exhaust gases can be fully recovered and used as hot water for heating or sanitary purposes.
    TOTEM is an “intelligent boiler” that produces heat and electricity while protecting the environment.


    Who needs a TOTEM, and where can it be installed?

    TOTEM can be installed anywhere that needs heat and electricity. The best applications include swimming pools, hotels, nursing homes, gyms, sports centres, farms, industrial companies and the common areas of condominiums. It is not suitable for use in individual apartments.

    Why should I install a TOTEM?

    By producing heat and electricity at low cost, TOTEM allows you to save up to 40% on your utility bills, which means that it pays for itself in just over two years. TOTEM is also the most efficient micro-cogenerator in its class, and has the lowest atmospheric emissions thanks to the sophisticated stoichiometric control and the efficient three-way catalyst.

    Can TOTEM replace a boiler?

    To save even more on utility bills, TOTEM is often used to meet the basic demand for heating and electricity. Peak demand is covered by the existing heating system and the electricity meter already installed at the site. TOTEM thus supports the existing heating system (the boiler, if installed) becoming an integral part of it and boosting its efficiency.  TOTEM is also compatible with all electric heat pumps, which can benefit from the low-cost electricity produced by TOTEM.

    How is the TOTEM electricity used?

    The electricity produced by the TOTEM can be fed into the grid or used directly by the consumer. It is preferable, and more cost efficient, to maximise self-consumption. The energy fed into the grid can still be remunerated via on-site exchange.

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